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    Pressure Vessel & Boiler Inspections,
    Audits, Maintenance & Training

Welcome to AMCAH!

We're a family owned business which has been in operation for over 20 years. Amcah provides services in the Automotive, Industrial and Manufacturing sectors throughout Australia.

Services include Pressure Vessel and Boiler Inspections,
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LP Gas) Audits & Maintenance and Training.

Core Competencies & Services

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Benefits of Working with Us

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Core Competencies and Services

Pressure Vessel and Boiler Inspections
LPG Audits, Maintenance & Training

    Pressure Vessel and Boiler Inspections

  • Pressure Vessel Inspections

    As per the relevant Australian Standards.

  • Boiler Inspections

    Boiler Inspections services provided by qualified in-service pressure vessel inspector.

  • Changeover of LPG Componentry

    Full changeover of LPG componentry.

  • National Coverage



    LPG Audits, Maintenance & Training

  • On-site Operational Procedures

    Comprehensive operational procedures for on-site audits and maintenance, ensuring compliance to Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and Industry Guidelines.

  • Annual Services

    Full regulatory annual LPG audits and maintenance services, specialising in automotive retail service stations.

  • 6-Monthly Services

    6 monthly maintenance, including all LP Gas componentry and air compressors.

  • Training

    LP Gas safety training.

Benefits of working with AMCAH


Safety is at the forefront of all services provided.

Service and Maintenance Costs Reduction

Comprehensive and systematic operational procedures, ensuring reduction in service and maintenance costs are achieved.

Network of Contractors

Extensive national network of contractors, with the ability to draw upon niche services where required.

Experience & Quality

Attention to detail paramount on all works undertaken.

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Matt Bennett

Don Villani

Alan Bennett


94 Marnie Road
Strathdale VIC 3550